The Benefits of Meditation

There are many different styles of meditation. Some are traditional and have very exact requirements about how they should be practiced, while some meditation styles are more contemporary and more flexible when it comes to how and when they can be practiced.

Some meditation styles are associated with specific religious beliefs or spiritual paths and some are not focused on spirituality or religion. Basically, meditation is as individual as we are and there is a meditation style that is perfectly suited to everyone. The style which is right for you will depend on your personal learning style (whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner.) It will also depend on your own spiritual or religious beliefs and what you are wanting to gain through the practice of meditation.

A good meditation teacher is able to assist their students to identify the meditation style that will best suit them fairly quickly. While an untrained meditation teacher may think a particular style of meditation (like creative visualization) will suit all people. This is incorrect and can have the very sad outcome of turning a student away from meditation (and all of its wonderful benefits) for life.

Practicing meditation is enjoyable, relaxing and even fun! If you have tried to meditate and found it difficult or boring, you are most certainly trying the wrong meditation style for your individual self. Take heart! There are many, many styles and one is guaranteed to be perfect for you.

You can meditate to music, you can dance in meditation, walk while you meditate; you can even meditate in the shower! Meditation is suitable for people of all ages, both sexes, all cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds and the benefits of regularly practicing meditation are truly life changing! Some of the many meditation styles students explore through the Inner-Voyage College training course include:

WHY MEDITATE? Whenever you practice meditation you will recognize benefits on some level.  The size of the benefits will always be in direct proportion to the amount of time and regularity of your meditation practice.  If you practice meditation for at least 20 minutes every day, you will discover life changing benefits on many levels. Some of these benefits will include:

Meditation can even help you lose weight, improve your sex life, cure skin conditions and improve your eye sight!  Clinical research over the past two decades has now proven that meditation is not only an ancient spiritual practice but a powerful healing tool that, with regular practice, can significantly improve every aspect of your life. Once you find the meditation that is perfect for you, you will not only marvel at the difference it makes in your life on so many levels, you will fall in love with the experience!